Speaker and Panelist Participants
Josette Fleszar
Josette Fleszar,
President e-Stamos
Josette Fleszar has over 28 years of hands-on and managerial experience in the healthcare industry.  In 2000, she brought her experience, drive and enthusiasm to the marketplace by becoming the founder, President and CEO of RPM, Receivable Process Management, LLC.  In August 2004, RPM merged with Third Millennium Healthcare Systems, Inc and most recently became a division of CareMedic Systems, Inc.  Ms. Fleszar has received numerous awards including being recognized as one of Atlanta's Top 50 Entrepreneurs in 2004 by Catalyst Magazine.   The Atlanta Business Chronicle recognized her original company, RPM, as Atlanta’s 5th fastest growing company in 2004 out of 118,000 companies.  In addition, the same year RPM was awarded 2nd Fastest Growing Women Owned Business. 

Since, Josette has started a new venture called e-Stamos, an Interactive Web Conferencing Solution.  This venture is in Beta and is close to launching publically.
Ken Brown
Chuck Lewis,
CEO & Co-Founder
of One Georgia Bank
Chuck Lewis has 25 years of bank leadership experience and is a founder of One Georgia Bank, which opened May 5, 2006. Under Lewis’ leadership the bank capitalized with $24.2 million and more than 400 shareholders. At the time it was the largest capital raise by a first issue state chartered bank in Georgia’s history.

Lewis currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Georgia Council on Economic Education; Communities in Schools of Georgia; the Georgia Chamber of Commerce; the Commerce Club Operating Board; the New Century Forum at the Commerce Club (co-founder & past president), the Metropolitan YMCA; Midtown Alliance; and the Board of Visitors of Berry College.

A graduate of Leadership Atlanta's Class of 1999, Lewis is a lifetime member of the Morehouse College Alumni Association he has served as an editorial columnist for several newspapers. He has written a section on the history of African American Banks in Georgia for The New Georgia Encyclopedia.
Joyce Daemon
Joyce Bone, CEO
Joyce Bone is Chief Operating Mom for MillionaireMoms.com.  A membership website dedicated to helping entrepreneurial women master the art of raising a business and a family at the same time.  Her goal is to help as many women as possible create their ideal lives.  She took a $10,000 risk and co founded EarthCare, an environmental company. In 18 months it grew into a $50 million dollar NASDAQ traded powerhouse. The business ultimately reached revenues of $125 million.

Joyce takes her knowledge of business and taps into her network of millionaire moms to share with you a roadmap to success! She’s passionate about helping other entrepreneurs succeed.  She is a columnist for eWomenNetwork’s Glow magazine and has been featured on CNBC’s The Squawk Box, Money & Kiplinger’s magazines and many others. Joyce is also an author and a sought after speaker. 
Ken Brown
Ken Brown,
CEO of E3C
Kenneth Darryl Brown is Sales and Profit Evangelist! Ken is the Chief Profitability Officer for Growth-Oriented Businesses!   A profit and business development company that specializes in profit success systems, leadership, sales, communication and technology.

E3C shares over 400 sales and profit ideas to help their clients!  The company provides its clients with unique customized training and coaching programs which includes over 60 topics within the profitability, sales, new media, leadership and communication.  

Since March 2006, over 2,500 people have participated in the company’s online business coaching and networking sessions. In the two years, E3C has connected over 1,200 businesses!  E3C has clients in Georgia, New York, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina and California.  www.BetterSalesandProfitsNow.com
Ian Adlington
Ian Adlington,
Private Investor
& Fund Manager
CEO of the Newport Capital Group operating in California, UK, Bulgaria, Hong Kong and Australia. Ian has over 25 years of experience gained in virtually all corners of the world.
Newport is a science based Venture Capital specialist. Presently involved in Strategic Financial projects which include,amongst others; Carbon Financing project in Philippines and Indonesia. Queensland Infrastructure development, Nano-technologies, creating specialist distressed asset fund and assisting many smaller international organizations to exploit global financing tools.

The group is well connected with all of the key financial markets, worldwide, with deep knowledge of the London financial markets and how international companies can access them.

Newport can facilitate many innovative solutions to International Strategic and Finance  initiatives.
Sally Williamson
Sally Williamson,
President of
Sally Williamson
and Associates
Sally Williamson is both a business development coach and a speech coach.  She has over twenty years experience in the development of effective sales communication strategies and business presentations.

Sally specializes in executive coaching and developing custom workshops that blend personal development with bottom-line business results.  Her combined experience in sales and communication provides a unique perspective in helping people understand the needs of their clients and present their services to solve those needs.

Accomplishments include:  Developed script and coached delivery for over 45 IPO’s, Developed script for a variety of product introductions in both domestic and international markets, Evaluated and revised content of sales materials and presentations for over 25 major sales forces, Coached delivery skills and personal image for over 250 CEO’s, Developed sales course for professional service firms and delivered it to over 20 firms, Developed an account planning course and coached sales strategies for establishing new relationships for over 10 firms, Coached over 500 individuals in content organization and personal delivery skills.

Teo Graca
Teo Graca, CEO
of Net-Teams.com
Teo Graca is the CEO and manager of the Net-Teams Community Management Software.  His company provides continued design and upgrades for this powerful platform that is used to host social networking, event management and RSVP, relationship management, scheduling systems, blogging systems, content management, search engine optimization, security, work flow and integration with 3rd party API's. This technology is used with Web Sites, Extranets, Intranets and is used as a connector between these types of systems. 

Developing passive income strategies for new businesses on the web. Providing web site UI, advertising revenue, branding strategy and statistics systems as well as business plan & sales strategy development.
 Net-Teams Client Portfolio include: US State Department, Lockheed Martin, Seabees, Bell Atlantic, AITNS, Digitel, AT&T, Northrop Grumman, FedEx, DATATEL, HR.com, Federal Aviation Adminstration, COMDISCO, and MCI.
Karen Rands
Karen Rands,
CEO and President
of Launch Funding
Karen Rands, a true Venture Catalyst, brings together early stage and emerging growth companies with investors and capital sources like it has never been done before. Building upon our years of experience in the real world to remove the inefficiencies in the model by going virtual. 

Karen has a talk radio show called SPEC, which stands for the SE Private Equity Community.  It is a source for info of interest to investors and entreprenurs. Tune in each Friday NOON EST to SPEC Talk Radio and listen to find out what it takes to raise the money that your company needs and how to create wealth through private equity angel investing. Become a loyal listener and spread the word to business owners and investors you know! Karen as a presenter, author, and CEO has been involved in the early stage private equity space since 2001. When Karen speaks, people listen to what she has to say about raising money!
Mike Queen
Michael D. Queen

Chairman and CEO
Universal Capital Management

Mr. Queen is a co-founder of Universal Capital Management and serves as its Chairman and CEO.  Previously, he was the founder of Dickinson Holdings, LLC, a provider of specialized financial services to small and mid-sized companies in a wide range of industries. From 1998 to 2003 Mr. Queen was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Pennexx Foods which provided food products to major retail outlets. He directed all aspects of this start-up company from initial market and product research and strategic and operational planning to recruiting and hiring a management team and staff. During his tenure, Mr. Queen built the company's revenue to $60 million and took the company public.



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